It’s all about the love!

Serendipity sorbets are super-premium because we only use the best stuff and lots of it! This means they have a beautifully rich mouth-feel, unparalleled in the sorbet world. Some sorbets can be thin, watery or icy, but ours are every bit as flavoursome as our ice creams. With no dairy, nuts, soy, gluten, or egg, these super-low allergen desserts will keep everyone happy. And with less than 0.3% fat (except Coconut & Kaffir Lime) they’re almost a diet product 😉 Most definitely health food for the soul!

A little bit of Serendipity goes a long way…


Blood Orange

Not a drop of valencia! It’s all Riverina reds

Coconut & Kaffir Lime

Inspired by a Penang curry with rich coconut cream & aromatic kaffir lime leaf, it’s hands down our most popular sorbet.

Dark Chocolate

Not a hint of bitterness, not a scrap of dairy – it’s just every vegans dream!

Green Apple

The easiest way to get your apple a day!


Tangy fresh lemons, made frozen. Splash some vodka on top, drop into prosecco, or blitz with a dash of tequila for a fast frozen margarita!


Like mango but without the mess! Depending on your hand to mouth co-ordination 🙂


We’re passionate about passionfruit. Great with yogurt for breakfast, brilliant with chilli & fresh coriander at the end of Indian or Asian, or on top of a berry pav. Easy!


Hand-picked by virgins in the morning dew in Peru (or maybe Chile) – whatever! It’s just fantastic berry sorbet.

Vanilla Bean

Like the other one, but vegan. Actually, you’d be amazed just what a creamy rich mouth feel this has for a product with no dairy whatsoever. Try it!

But wait! There’s more… Download our food service flavour list for ice cream and sorbet in bulk sizes