Cooler than cool

Love cocktails but can’t be bothered mixing them? Know that feeling! And all the cleaning up afterwards? Yeesh! We have the coolest solution. Wow your guests with our awesome frozen cocktails made to order. It’s so easy.

A little bit of Serendipity goes a long way

Here’s how it works:

  1. You decide which cocktail/s you’d love to serve and let us know.
  2. We’ll let you know what kind of booze you’ll need (it’ll be 3 x 700mL bottles of your favourite spirit, and maybe a little something extra like triple sec)
  3. Bring it to us at least 4 days before your party, and we make it all frozen and nice for you.
  4. All you do is keep it in your freezer until you want to serve it. It really is that simple.

Each batch is 1 flavour, and makes around 65-70 standard drinks. Your cocktails are packed into 3 x 5L containers (unless you ask us to do otherwise), which will consume half your average domestic freezer.

Here are some cocktail ideas, and what you’ll need:

Daiquiris: Lemon, Mango, Strawberry, etc. 3 x 700mL white rum or vodka, 500mL triple sec
Margharitas: Lemon, Lime, Passionfruit (seedless), etc. 3 x 700mL tequila, 500mL triple sec
Japanese Slipper Lemon and Midori cocktail 2 x 700mL Midori, 2x 500mL triple sec
Cosmopolitan Cranberry and vodka 3 x 700mL vodka, 500mL triple sec
Pina colada Pineapple and coconut 700mL dark rum, 700mL white rum, 700mL Malibu
Mudslide Creamy chocolate/coffee cocktail 2 x 700mL vodka, 1x 700mL Kahlua
Greyhound Grapefruit, ruby grapefruit or blood orange with vodka 3 x 700mL vodka, 500mL triple sec
Pink Sapphire Ruby grapefruit and your favourite gin 3 x 700mL gin, 1 x 500mL triple sec

Or your very own cocktail creation…talk to us.
$115 per batch.
If you can’t store your cocktails in the freezer, with advance notice we can supply you with insulated boxes and dry ice to help with long transport or a complete lack of freezer space. Price on application.