The PopStars of the ice cream world

The best thing since sliced bread. In fact, even better than sliced bread. Serendipity on a stick! It’s all the ice cream you know and love, jam-packed with flavour, then smothered in Belgian chocolate ganache. Now with the convenience of our patented “no-spoon” technology, the pop stick, you can eat it with just one hand! Which leaves your other hand free, so you can eat two at the same time! Genius!

A little bit of Serendipity goes a long way…

Black Forest

The Black Forest is world renowned for its rich treats. Our infamously rich dark chocolate ice cream is studded with juicy black cherries then wrapped in Belgian white chocolate. It’s a treat that will take your tastebuds travelling to the mountain peaks…Break out your lederhosen and pop this in your Von Trapp!

Mango sorbet

Packed with lusciously juicy ripe Kensington Pride mangoes from tropical Queensland, and then coated in smooth decadent Belgian dark chocolate ganache this frozen wonder can do no wrong. Full of flavour and luxuriously smooth, this gluten, egg, nut, and dairy-free treat is low allergen and will make everyone happy. There is simply no excuse to say no.

Peanut Butter

Life’s big dilemma: Smooth or Crunchy? No need to choose – they’re both right here, and all wrapped up in rich dark Belgian chocolate ganache. Smooth peanut butter ice cream with crunchy roasted peanuts. Now you can go totally nuts…

Salted Caramel

Not your average salted caramel. We add just a pinch of salt to our creamy caramel ice cream – its just so perfectly balanced! No wonder it’s the very new black. Wrapped in delicately salt-laced rich Belgian milk chocolate ganache. Oh my goddess of ice cream!