Serendipity happened accidentally in a little kitchen in Paddington, in 1966.

Alix Mandelson was not satisfied that the most exotic ice cream available was Neapolitan. Being allergic to chocolate (I know! How awful!) it left the pink stripe and the white stripe – neither of which contained the real ingredients she was craving. So she set to work creating her own ice cream from fresh cream and eggs and other fresh ingredients that we all love in our ice cream.

Some of her first creations were flavours like Maple Walnut, Cherry Garden, and Vanilla Bean (back when nobody knew what one was!!). I remember a time when folks would complain about the little bits of ‘dirt’ in their vanilla ice cream. Thank heavens those days are gone…

Her friends loved her work. And their friends wanted to know where to get some for themselves. It didn’t take long for word to get out and Alix found herself in business. (And there’s me in my first job – tasting ice cream!)

Sarah and the Team

Fast forward 20 something years, and Alix hands the ice cream cone over to her daughter Sarah (that’s me). I take the cone and run with it, introducing fresh fruit sorbets and ever more adventurous flavours.

Which brings us to now – 50 years on. Still winning medals, still creating new flavours from premium quality fresh ingredients, and still having fun with ice cream. Some of my early work included Fig Honey & Pistachio ice cream, Passionfruit & Chilli sorbet, and Arizona Mud. Two of those flavours are still around, and the third morphed into something even more addictive – Peanut Butter Disaster! (so called because I ate an entire 500mL tub of the first test batch in one sitting – groan).

The other part of our history and success is YOU. We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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