We have an impostor!

Look familiar? This might look like our logo but it isn’t. This cafe in Bali is NOT using our delicious all natural ice creams but they probably wish they were… Don’t fall for poor imitations of our products: they are only available in Australia.


We win again! We’ve just heard the great news that our new Toasted Marshmallow ice cream has won a Gold medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. Salty Pistachio Praline and Grand Jaffa have also won Golds, adding to their tallies. And we got a big haul of Silvers too! You can enjoy our Toasted…

Miss Dipity’s is OPEN!

At last, you can come and visit Miss Dipity’s brand new dessert bar, in The District at Chatswood Inter-change. 21 flavours to scoop from, 2 flavours of soft serve and 7 flavours of Dipity Pops to dip in your choice of Belgian chocolate and roll in our evilly delicious home-made crunches (I love our cornflake…

Only the Best Berries

Put your mind at rest! Our berry ice creams and sorbets are safe to eat. None of the berries we use are grown or processed in China – we source boysenberries from NZ, blueberries from Canada, and all the others are either local or from Chile.

So all good and berry berry delicious.

Gong Hey Fat Choi! And what better way to welcome the Chinese New Year than with a brand new champion ice cream trophy – though not for a brand new flavour… Death by Chocolate has now notched up no less than 6 trophies in its illustrious history. The Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy judges decided…