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we’re definitely no lightweight

Champion Ice Creams

With more awards than Oscars Night,

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World’s Best Ice Creams

This ain't Neapolitan - it's cosmopolitan!

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Health Food for your Soul

Premium natural ingredients, made with 100% green energy,

all in recyclable packaging. What's to feel guilty about?

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There are more flavours between

heaven and earth...

..and most of them are kept in our freezers

A little bit of Serendipity goes a long way

Premium Natural

Carefully sourced, and
100% delicious


Our inspiration comes
from around the globe
and from you!


Trophies & medals
for quality & taste

Proudly carbon

Made using 100%
green energy

Take a look at some of the very cool things we do

From a simple tub of ice cream to custom made frozen cocktails for your next celebration, for vegan friendly sorbet to bite-size frozen treats, if it can be done with ice cream, we do it…

Serendipity Lovers

Serendipity have had the pleasure of working with many clients over many years,
who have the same passion and love for a premium product for their clients.