Life is short. Eat dessert first!

Our individually-crafted frozen desserts are ideal for functions or large dinner parties. They live in the freezer until required, present quickly and easily, and look fantastic. If the first bite is with the eye, yours will gobble these up with gusto!

Serendipity Ice Cream - separator top

A little bit of Serendipity goes a long way…

Serendipity Ice Cream - separator bottom


Superb individually-crafted desserts, ready in under 10 seconds. Chill your plates, remove the wrapper and hey presto! Instant glamorous dessert!

Raspberry sorbet & White Chocolate pyramid

Fig Honey Pistachio

A three-layered pyramid of Brandied Fig, Honey Parfait and Spiced Pistachio ice creams.


A three-layered pyramid of Rose, Lychee and Spiced Pistachio ice creams.

Raspberry White Chocolate

Raspberry sorbet atop Belgian White Chocolate ice cream


A classic combination of Chocolate and Honey Almond Nougat ice creams


Slightly smaller than the pyramids (Yes! Really!) Spires plate easily and are great on their own or with other accompaniments.


Passionfruit White Chocolate

Passionfruit sorbet atop Belgian White Chocolate ice cream

Saffron & Almond Kulfi

Saffron-spiced Indian-style Almond ice cream


Perfect for weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day – you can buy a lot of love with ice cream!


King of Hearts

A duo of Espresso and Chocolate ice creams coated in Belgian dark chocolate ganache and finished with our Caramel Cream sauce.

Queen of Hearts

Boysenberry ice cream and Raspberry sorbet enrobed in Belgian white chocolate ganache finished with strawberry coulis.


Hand-made ice cream or sorbet truffles dipped in belgian chocolate ganache. Serve after dinner as a unique twist on petit fours or chocolates

The perfect finale

Mango sorbet/ Dark Choc

Raspberry sorbet/ White choc

Espresso/ White choc

Vanilla Bean/ Dark choc

Peanut Butter/ Peanut Dark

Coconut Macaroon/ Dark choc

Terrines & Other Desserts

Sl-ice it your way!

ToblerOne V-terrine


A classic combination of Chocolate and Honey Almond Nougat ice creams

Customise your terrine

Ice Crème Caramels

Rich caramel ice cream with its own caramel syrup