Coolest Campari

Missed my cocktail last week? So did I (sad face), but I think this one makes up for the long time between drinks. It is most definitely the coolest Campari & Blood Orange ever! 80mL Blood Orange sorbet 15mL Campari 15mL favourite vodka 15mL lemon juice 15mL extra dry vermouth Muddle mash the Blood Orange…

Cocktail time

With the warmer weather Sir Graeme and I have been enjoying the occasional after-work drink. His preferred tipple is a rare and ancient concoction known as beer, while I’ve been enjoying both traditional and experimental cocktails. The fruity blends are best at this time of year, and got me thinking that an alcoholic sorbet would…

delicious Magazine Produce Awards

Hot on the heels of all the gold from the Melbourne Fine Food Awards were thedelicious. Magazine Produce Awards. Our Pavlova Passion and Hokey Pokey ice creams both made it to the finalist round of judging – and although we didn’t win (Cedar Street Cheeserie Buffalo haloumi won) we’re neverthless pleased as punch to have made it to the finals. And many thanks to our loyal followers for the nominations.

2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

The results of the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards have just been announced and among the winning ice creams is one of our newest flavours: Salted Palm Sugar. It’s a South East Asian twist on salted caramel, but with a good deal more depth and complexity. It’s the perfect finale to a great Thai/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Malaysian dinner. And the only bad news is that it’s currently only for restaurants, but you can pick it up from our factory shop.